Jennifer & Harold Take Vows

Jennifer & Harold

Love is friendship set on fire. — Jeremy Taylor


How We Met

In 2007, we met at the University of Florida while auditioning for our first salsa dance team. Jennifer still remembers seeing Harold for the first time walking through the big blue doors of the sports center for salsa practice.

We began hanging out almost every day, and surrounded by a great group of friends, we became inseparable best friends. During college, salsa outtings turned into movie nights, ski trips, pool parties, and many cherished memories. We began dating during our last year in Gainesville, Florida for a brief time.

After graduation, Harold moved to Boston, and after a few months, in 2011, Harold invited Jennifer to come visit. On a whim, Jennifer decided to apply for a job interview in Boston to coincide with her visit. As fate would have it, life brought us back together in Boston when Jennifer got the job and we started dating again. We currently live together and continue to spend our time dancing, just how we first met.

Our Engagement
Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

As we both had never been to California, we planned a trip to the West Coast, lasting a few weeks. Harold decided it would be the perfect opportunity to surprise Jennifer by proposing. For thousands of miles, he carefully concealed the engagement ring.

Harold chose to propose at the Sunset Cliffs, famous for its romantic sunsets overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After a sunny day of exploring the San Diego Zoo, the time had come to meet the 7:00pm sunset.

We drove to the Sunset Cliffs (Harold quite visibly nervous) only to find no sunset in sight! With an overcast sky, Harold was a little discouraged, but he took some time to find a good spot with just a glimmer of sunshine. With that, he took a knee and proposed to Jennifer. Jennifer said "Yes" and with so much excitement took a couple steps too close to the edge!

We promised to some day return to the Sunset Cliffs and enjoy a real sunset.

Our Time Together

Traveling all around

Getting dressed up

Dancing it up

Our photo shoot

The best is yet to come

Loving life

Cherishing small moments

Laughing til we drop