Hi, I'm Harold Rodriguez. I develop full-stack JavaScript/HTML5 web applications.


Harold's Skills


  • React
  • ES6 JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Redux
  • Webpack/npm systems
  • API integrations
  • Unit testing


  • Node
  • PHP
  • C++
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Meteor


  • AWS/EC2/Glue/Athena
  • Jenkins/Puppet/Vagrant
  • Version control (git/svn)
  • Mocha/Selenium testing


  • Big data ETL/processing/vis
  • Realtime SPAs
  • UX Design
  • System Design
  • Advanced regex
  • Data scraping

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Basic Japanese


  • Dependability, especially on deadlines.
  • Ruthlessly keeping team code quality high, ensuring solutions are DRY and safe.
  • Communicating technical ideas to general audiences.
  • Upholding and balancing project conventions and latest industry best practices.
  • Putting things in web developer consoles.

This is my resume.

I created this site to describe my work experience,
using an HTML5 virtual desktop OS metaphor.

There are definitely no Easter eggs
anywhere around here.
Especially not in the developer's console.

Harold Rodriguez
Web app developer


Find all my public open source offerings on my GitHub!


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I created this site to describe my work experience, using an HTML5 virtual desktop OS metaphor.

There are definitely no Easter eggs
anywhere around here.

Especially not in the developer's console.

Harold Rodriguez
Web app developer

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Harold's Portfolio

"Harold is fantastically brilliant! A hard worker, creative thinker and overall just fantastic at what he does!"
– Adam Symes, Smart Majority

"Harold really cares about the projects he engages in and it shows through his passion and dedication. Harold is the type of person you wish you had permanently on your team."
– Jovan Rangel, Ghost Kick

"Thanks so much for your support and helping us to deliver a quality solution to the GSK Business. I’m very impressed."
– Diane Hutchinson, GSK

"Harold is fantastic to work with. He is a great developer, has great interpersonal skills, and is able to communicate difficult concepts into easy to understand terms."
– Doug Clark, Splikity


As Senior Web Developer at Booz Allen Hamilton, I lead development on big data visualization app epidemico.com (React/JavaScript).

I write clean and exemplary full-stack code, make multi-year technical decisions, coordinate system integrations, mentor peers on software engineering best practices, and keep up with the latest industry practices.

I also saved saved $600,000/year on AWS operating costs by switching our infrastructure and optimizing system design.



As part of the front-end development team of the state-of-the-art Recreation.gov (React/JavaScript), I've been code-owner of several external and internal parts of the web application.

For example, ensuring the front-end calendars reflect business rules and backend availability, coding pages so they match mockups, writing Jest tests, writing a powerful and reliable application that works consistently for internal Permit admins, and developing new features (e.g. ability to buy yearly Passes).


Enterprise Solutions

I've developed several enterprise applications used daily to perform research and monitor/manage critical assets related to that research. From sleek admin panels, analytics panels, and user management tools to advanced e-mail template systems with automatic triggered dispatch, I keep business running.

I am the lead developer of MedWatcher Enterprise, a single-page big data analysis web application for pharmacovigilance: https://demo.medwatcher.org
Tools used include: Python, PHP, CoffeeScript, Backbone/Marionette, Google Maps/ESRI APIs, nvd3, MongoDB, and Redis.



In a team setting, I developed a reactive network activity dashboard with multiple charts, filters, and widgets.

The web app features handling of complex business logic and use of composable JavaScript modules.



A customized version of Mint.com, this Ruby on Rails web application handles sensitive credit card and other financial information to provide insights into your spending.

The web app features use of the Yodlee API, the industry standard in categorizing transactions to enable custom financial applications, to pull up real account information.

Stealth mode project

Opus HTML5 Hacker Terminal

An intensive, creative, HTML5 heavy web application showcasing a cyberpunk themed computer terminal that is "hackable" by the user. Playing keys on an HTML5 piano keyboard generates tones via the Web API, whose spectrum is plotted via a canvas spectral analyzer.

Depending on the tones played, the visualization gets distorted until finally the whole terminal glitches uses various effects, and gives access to restricted files.



Developed Chrome plugin for RSA encrypted password management, as well as developed a sleek, secure web application for managing web forms and user passwords. In addition, oversaw the quality of other coders on the team and reported to stakeholders.

Aside from coding duties, I was in charge of ensuring code and system security, server management including HTTPS certificates, and implementing credit card functionality.


FDA's MedWatcher

Built from the ground up using Backbone.js, I worked closely with a graphic designer to create the latest version of medwatcher.org, a web application sponsored by the FDA to monitor drug side-effects.

The web app is fully-responsive, utilizes AMD modules, and is built using Grunt.

(above) Admin Panel, including Template Emailer, written from scratch


Form Designer

Build a web form without code! Just drag-and-drop form fields. Supports building forms which will be displayed in multiple languages. Also supports import/export to JSON.

The web app is vanilla JavaScript and some jQuery. A sister version is re-implemented using Meteor.


Smart Majority

Smart Majority needed a reliable web developer for a multi-year project focused on UX, adding admin panels, integrating APIs, and new features.

I developed an Online Learning portal with private user access to course materials, which generated hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in revenue.



CubbyHole needed to bring their mobile app functionality onto desktop browsers, while still being responsive to mobile browsers.

Tools used for this social storage web app include: Ruby on Rails 4, Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 (100% responsive), Parse.com, Stripe Payment API, and Facebook API.


CallTree Pro

Built using AngularJS, CallTree Pro is a web app/mobile app combo that provides call tree management for companies.

Additional tools used for this Single-Page-App (SPA) include: Parse.com with Cloud Functions, Stripe Payment API, AWS, and ReportGrid.


Travel Blog

My travel/photo custom Wordpress blog. My wife and I write daily chronicles during our 5-month-long adventure through Asia.


Wedding Site

After proposing to my wife, I built my own wedding website to welcome guests and provide information about the event.

The site features a warm aesthetic design and bilingual translation.


GitHub Public Scripts

Check out my other projects, like GIVit (a Backbone/Rails app) on my GitHub.

Also check out my virtual reality work.

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